Apple Watch apps take no time to appear

No one's sure how many people will want to wear the Apple Watch, but the apps for it are coming through fast.

Soon after cab firm Uber demonstrated an app for the watch, rival Hailo has developed its alternative taxi ordering app for the device.

Hailo CMO Gary Bramall said: “We’re impressed with the brilliantly casual way the Apple Watch amplifies simplicity and eliminates the smallest little daily frictions. The device gives us an exciting opportunity to streamline our UI and make hailing a taxi so good there’s almost no interface at all.”

Bramall added: “There is a ‘social awareness’ moment when ordering a cab, the gesture of taking your phone out of your bag or pocket or even just looking at it is a bit of a faux pas when you’re at a dinner table, engaged in conversation. With the Apple Watch you can order a Hailo in a discreet way.”

Newspapers are also now at it too. The Moments app from the Guardian allows fans of the “lefty” newspaper to read stories to their hearts content, even though it is like reading from about half a BlackBerry.

The Guardian's Tom Grinsted said of the app: “Moments is a simple, glanceable and instantly personal experience. Instead of generic lists of content that aren’t well suited to a watch, it recommends a single moment - a tailored experience at any given time.

“Combining insight from our editorial teams with the customisable homepage of the Guardian app, recommendations delivered to Apple Watch make any moment in the day richer,” he gushed.

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