Davos, IoT and Starbucks power mats

With Davos 2015 taking place, there have been several interesting discussions around technology. This includes comment from Google’s executive chairman, who said that the increase in technology and machines will empower us all to be smarter, as well as Tim Berners-Lee’s discussion on the exciting possibilities around the use of data.

As part of Microsoft’s announcement of the new Windows 10 operating system, the Microsoft HoloLens has been widely discussed - the world’s most advanced holographic computing platform, in the form of wearable technology. NASA has already used this technology to develop new software that has allowed them to work virtually on Mars, extending the possibilities of aeronautical activity even further.

Starbucks launched brand new, in-store technology at 10 of their UK stores. A wireless charging point, called ‘Powermat’, is now available in the coffee shops and requires a £10 ring-shaped device which allows coffee drinkers to charge their mobiles for free.

Whatsapp has also announced that consumers are now able to access the messaging service through their web browsers.

Finally, an interesting visually driven article about 10 technologies that will make the Internet of Things a reality. Amid the most frequently discussed connected devices, such as self-driving cars and fitness trackers, were self-tending gardens and smart city infrastructures.

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