Sysadmins spend too much time administering

In Techworld's never-ending efforts to bring you the latest and most relevant surveys, such as 'get rid of end users', we bring you this example of shining relevance from Softricity.

It says, in fact Softricity 'reveals', that 'UK IT departments are bogged down in IT administration. 'Some of them spent 'a staggering 30,000 hours... in IT administration. 15 per cent of companies admitted spending over 21 hours each year at every desktop.' This is for companies 'with over 3,000 end points'. That means desktop PCs, or users, to you and me.

The Techworld calculator reveals one person works around 2000 hours a year. So you would need 15 of them to provide 30,000 hours for the end point administration. Wow! We can be grateful to Softricity for bringing this to our attention.

But these numbers mean that each IT administrator is looking after 2,000 users. Isn't that efficient? Harry Ruda is the big chief end point, or CEO, of Softricity and gives us the benefit of his considered views on this; "UK enterprises are still spending inordinate amounts of time knee deep in administration."

Only knee deep. No need to worry. If they were waist deep, or even worse, breast deep in administration, then it would be time to worrry. But Harry 'Reassuring' Ruda, with an eye to the future, suggests that, "Companies should be looking at IT inventory and management solutions as a route to streamlining costs."

Spot on the nail, Harry and there's more; he says that by using such tools companies could reduce the IT admin hours, "by up to 90 per cent in some cases."

A surface reading of Harry's release might make you think the answer is to buy lots of Softricity software. But Techworld has carried out a deep, reversed Polish notation intensive computational grid analysis on your behalf and the results are the opposite of this.

After running these numbers through the Techworld utility computing infrastructure we see that an IT admin person, with the benefit of the 90 per cent saving, could now look after about 20,000 end points. That means one person could look after six companies, each with 3,000 endpoints.

So if one company buys the Softricity software then that company keeps one administrator and sacks the other 14, while the other five companies sack their 15 and don't need to buy the Softricity products at all; they could all share the first company's copy. That's a disinterested supplier for you.

It means one Softricity solution purchase can eliminate 79 IT administrators. That's efficiency. Now we see what Softricity is about - wholesale slaughter of IT administrator jobs and reduced purchases of IT admin software. Surely suppliers such as Harry Ruda's Softricity are rare indeed.

It's so true. Companies should think, and we're all grateful to Softricity's Harry Ruda for thinking so long, deep and hard on our behalf. It's not often a supplier has the balls to say that we are all employing massively too many IT administrators; buy his software and sack dozens of these wastrels.

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