Switched arrays, tiered arrays, SATA news, multi-protocol routers, what more do you want?

Summer's over, but the storage industry soldiers on. Here's what happened last week:

ADICand Veritas are reportedly producing a combined product for smaller enterprises. ADIC's Scalar 24 automated tape library, supporting LTO and SDLT formats, is bundled with Veritas's Backup Exec 9.1 backup for Windows.

Crossroads announced its Network Storage Controller (NSC) product family. The controllers will extend SAN benefits to IP servers not connected to the enterprise data center. The initial release will provide Fibre Channel to iSCSI provisioning of SAN resources in mixed environments. Features include: Centralised management with storage pooling, volume provisioning, manual snapshots, and CHAP authentication. Also multi-node clustering, provisioning, and multi-controller load balancing.

EMCis going to offerBrocade's Multiprotocol Router as the EMC Connectrix AP-7420B Multiprotocol Router. Brocade has notched up StorageTek and HP to resell the device too.

Emulexhas launched a line of SAN Storage Switch products for small and medium businesses. It's SAN Storage Switch Models 355 and 375 are based on the company's InSpeed technology. This technology is proving popular with companies such as Engenio, Fujitsu and IBM.

Engenio(the supplier formerly known as Prince... actually LSI Logic Storage Systems) has brought out new hardware and software technologies. They include SANtricity Storage Manager software v9.1, improved copy services, and support for mixing high performance Fibre Channel modules and high capacity SATA modules in the same system. Hardware improvements include the addition of Fibre Channel switching technology to drive modules and a single controller version of the low-cost 2822 controller.

Engeniois also usingEmulex's InSpeed switching technology. It is not alone. Read about IBM's use of the same InSpeed technology here.

Fujitsu, like Emulex and IBM above, is also incorporatingEmulex' InSpeed switch-on-a-chip technology. It will be used in its Eternus 3000 mid-range storage system to create a switched back-end architecture.

HPcustomers buy more disk storage in revenue terms than any other supplier's customers, according to IDC. HP crowed that it has held its No.1 position in worldwide disk storage revenue for the ninth consecutive quarter with 23 percent revenue share. But EMC customers bought more storage software according to the same IDC report.

LSI Logicis shipping production silicon for Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) controller ICs. The 4-port LSI Logic LSISAS1064 is the industry's first single-chip 3Gbit/s SAS chip to be delivered as a production part. The company will have an eight-port controller IC in production in October.

SATA OrganisationSome 40 computer component and peripheral supliers have formed the Serial ATA International Organisation [pdf] or SATA-IO. It's roadmap extends to 3Gbit/s technology (no surprise) and to increasing membership (no surprise again).

Coincidentally, Silicon Imagerevealed the SATALink SiI 3132, the first PCI Express to Serial ATA (SATA) II host controller. It's targeted at PC and server motherboards.

Seagatedemoed a tiered storage solution at Intel's Developer Forum. It combines SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and SATA drives in the same enclosure using a common backplane. It contains Cheetah drives with a SAS interface, and Barracuda SATA NCQ drives. SAS means both SAS drives for online storage and SATA drives for near-line storage can be contained in a single enclosure. (See our recent Xiotech report here.) Since SAS and SATA drives share a common backplane, a single SAS-based subsystem can handle a broad range of duties, from high-availability online storage to data migration, disk-to-disk backup and storage of regulatory compliance or other reference data.

Seagate, (SATA disks) along with Marvell (SATA Silicon) and AMCC (RAID controllers) also demoed end-to-end 3Gbit/s SATA technology at the Intel Developer Forum.

Western Digitalreleased a USB 2.0 model to its external hard disk backup product line. Both drives have a front-mounted power button, USB 2.0, spin at 7200rpm and come in capacities of 80, 120, 160, 200 or 250GB. The Dual-option USB 2.0 model has the option to back up DAT, using Dantz Retrospect software, either on-demand or automatically and ensures all data is transferred before stopping the drive with its Safe Shutdown feature.

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