Google Glass goes on sale in UK Play Store

As all eyes focus on Apple, Google has quietly introduced its augmented reality headset to the UK Google Play Store.

Glass went on sale to the UK public in April via a designated website that required users to sign up before they were able to purchase the "Explorer" version of the product.

The device is still priced at £1,000, which makes it considerably more expensive than other Google devices on sale in the Play Store, such as the Nexus smartphone the LG smartwatch.

Google released Glass on the US Play Store last week at $1,500, which works out at approximately £930 based on current currency conversion rates and therefore £70 cheaper than the UK RRP.

Glass, which Google claims is still in beta stage, is shipping with Android 4.4 XE16.0 and up, a miniature display, a five-megapixel camera and 720p video. It boasts wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity and comes with 12GB usable memory that is synced with Google cloud storage. The device also requires the MyGlass companion app for either iOS or Android.

In order to support the UK rollout of Glass, Google has opened a Glass Basecamp in London's King's Cross that allows people to buy the device in person, before having it set up and fitted by a guide.

The market for wearables hardware is expected to generate revenues of $53 billion (£32.91 billion) by 2019, according to analysts at Juniper Research.

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