Analysts predict Apple will dominate wearables market in 2015

Apple will dominate the wearables market in 2015 if it releases a smartwatch this evening, according to analyst house Forrester.

Forrester found that 25 percent of online US adults expect to buy a wearable device in the next year and 42 percent of them are specifically interested in wearing it on their wrist - assuming it's a service of interest, offered by a trusted brand.

"Apple will succeed where companies like Nike, LG, and Samsung have experienced spotty success," said Forrester in a newsletter. “Those companies launched products. Apple will do what it does best and use its trusted relations with consumers and its second-to-none ecosystem and sell the wrist-based wearables category.”

However, Forrester said Apple will face competition from the likes of Google and Amazon who are “positioned to ride on Apple’s coat tails”. Forrester believes that this competition will reduce Apple’s share of units sold to less than 50 percent during 2016.

"Everyone else will struggle to become anything more than the next Flipcam, Palm Pilot, or Nook eReader," according to the report.

The market for wearables hardware is expected to generate revenues of $53 billion (£32.91 billion) by 2019, according to analysts at Juniper Research.

Juniper anticipates the market for wearables will be driven specifically by an increase in sales of premium smart watches and smart glasses over the next five years.

In a report out today, – Smart Wearable Devices: Fitness, Glasses, Watches, Multimedia, Clothing, Jewellery, Healthcare & Enterprise 2014-2019 – Juniper asserts that the recent entry of key industry players within the wearables sector has helped fuel an explosion of new devices in this increasingly crowded market.

However, Juniper argues that vendors still need to get over the ‘technology first’ attitude and think in terms of consumer benefits for an increased product adoption.

Juniper anticipates that many of the more advanced technologies for wearables will be developed first for the enterprise and healthcare segments, which have clearer use cases. These segments will drive wearable technology forward, before being adapted for the consumer sector.

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