Tim Pitcher joins Copan

MAID product-seller Copan has hired Tim Pitcher as VP Northern Europe sales from Acopia. It has also received over $30 million in fourth round funding.

Copan has made several hiring appointments:-

- Shankar Murukutla as VP technical services for its Asia, Pacific and Japan region,
- Carl Elliot has been hired as global senior director of professional services, and comes from EMC,
- Aimee Welstead as director of international marketing,
- Tim Pitcher as VP sales for northern EMEA.

Tim Pitcher only joined file virtualisation switch vendor Acopia earlier this year. To leave barely six months into the post suggests a high level of dissatisfaction.

Acopia was recently acquired by F5 Networks. Perhaps Pitcher looked at the new owners and then decided to jump ship. Techworld commented at the time that senior executives might leave Acopia.

F5 has said that Chris Lynch, Acopia's CEO, and other senior executives will join F5. Pitcher obviously isn't pitching in though.

Copan's release states: "he (Pitcher) led the International Sales teams across Europe and Asia and helped build a distribution network of VARs and Integrators who drove demand generation and provided implementation services."

There have been internal promotions at Copan too:-

- Garry Veale is promoted to chief sales officer of worldwide sales and services,
- Mick Bradley is promoted to VP global solutions and services,
- Martin Firth is promoted from VP UK operations to VP sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Martin Firth joined Copan from EMC in January 2007.

Recently Copan gained $32.4 million in Series D funding from venture capitalist investors. Traditionally the next major company change after this is an IPO. If sales and revenue growth goes well then an IPO might take place as early as 2009. Mike Scanlin, a partner at Battery Ventures, one of the investors, said: "There is a massive migration from tape-based backup to disk-based backup in large enterprises."

What he didn't say is that Copan's MAID products are the most power-efficient disk storage arrays on the market and perfectly positioned to take advantage of the power efficiency concerns sweeping across CIOs' desks right now.

HDS has just announced its 'MAID-like' power-down feature for its AMS and WMS products.

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