Whatever happened to Storage Tank?

Remember IBM's StorageTank? The first product launched as a result of the research was IBM's SAN File System which promised a breakthrough in computing that would transform SAN storage. Alas, it did not.

David Pease, Senior Technical Staff Member Manager, Advanced Storage Deployment, IBM Almaden Research Centre, said: "The Storage Tank research work developed into an IBM product called the IBM TotalStorage SAN File System. Sadly, that product has not done as well in the marketplace as had been hoped, and is not actively marketed these days. Some of it's technology (though not too much) is also moving into our GPFS HPC file system. We are no longer actively working on Storage Tank in Research."

Few corporate storage research concepts make the rocky traverse from research lab to product marketplace. The road to new technology products is likelier to start in small companies which then get bought up.

Witness Brocade and NuView, EMC and Rainfinity, NetApp and Topio; the list goes on.

For nostalgia lovers the Storage Tank project web pages are still accessible through IBM's global web site.

It makes you think of Ozymandias.

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