Weta: NetApp survived BlueArc incursion

In case you were wondering the BlueArc win at Weta did not involve the replacement of any NetApp gear.

WETA has two NetApp NearStores and a StorageTekK L700e library.

The NearStores are used as an active archive of Weta's commonly-accessed clips and playbacks, and as a temporary "scratch space" for their creative artists.

WETA's Asset Management software (based on SGI software) can take offline data from the STK library and upload it to the NearStore (via NAS) via a server running a program based on SGI IRIX (UNIX).

When an artist or render farm requests a combination of clips, they are requested by a WETA application called DSMS and selected from either the NearStores or the NetApp FAS systems (online, currently active clips and rendered images) and created/rendered onto a NetApp FAS system.

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