I Love iSCSI, do you?

Tony Asaro of ESG has posted some results of research into iSCSI takeup and satisfaction. Both look healthy.

A trio of extracts from his posting are indicative of what ESG found:-

1. "The most important thing that we found is that all of the early adopters - 86 out of 511 - were happy with their iSCSI SAN solutions on all levels including performance and reliability."

2. "early adopters are using iSCSI for primary storage for both Tier II applications (58%) and Tier I (50%). Another thing we found out was that companies and organizations of all sizes are using iSCSI."

3. "another 20% of companies we surveyed are planning to implement iSCSI within the next 12 to 24 months. That is 37% adoption counting the early and planned adopters."

Asaro reckons that iSCSI could be crossing Geoffrey Moore's chasm and moving into a more pragmatic user adoption phase. 2007 could be the best year yet for iSCSI.

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