Pseudo-science makes phones "safe"

A new company has popped up with a snake-oil system supposed to "neutralise" harmful radiation from phones.

We'll leave aside the question of just how harmful radiation from mobile phones is. Tests so far have not conclusively shown harm caused by modern phones. But what exactly is Omega Pharma offering?

The company seems to be a legitimate company, that otherwise sells wart treatments, pregnancy tests and the like, and claims to be 11th in the market for over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, but it now has the E-Wave (PDF) chip, a sticker that you place on your mobile phone, where it magically "beams a quantum physical information wave, which is in counter-phase with the harmful components of the electromagnetic waves - thus neutralising the potentially harmful waves, as demonstrated in various studies and tests."

Yes, this is more or less the same claim made by UK hucksters Exradia, now, we understand defunct, for its special "Angel" batteries.

In the case of E-Wave, now on sale in Belgium for 38.95 euros, it has its own website (Google translation), there are plenty of FAQs, which assure us it works on all kinds of phones including DECT and iPhones, but no actual explanation of what the chip does.

Where does it draw enough power to neutralise the radiation. More importantly, if it is so good at neutralising radiation, how does the phone signal get through to the network?

These questions are obvious enough, but don't seem to have occurred to actress Martine Jonckheere, who endorsed the product at the launch event.

The product comes from More Energy Solutions, a company run by Pol Van Welden (a former Microsoft IT manager it appears from the launch slide deck) and Peter Aelbrecht, a Belgian author of books about electrosensitivity, including Homo Energeticus, whose title, rather unfortunately is translated by Google as "Gay Energeticus".

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