William Hague announces Oxford University cyber-security research centre

The UK Government is to site its promised Global Centre for Cyber Security Capacity Building at Oxford University’s Martin School as part of a programme to boost global standards of cyber-defence.

Launched to coincide with this week’s meeting of G8 Foreign Ministers, and with an annual budget of £500,000 per annum for two years from the National Cyber Security Programme,  the Centre has been handed a wide brief.

This includes acting as a resource on best practise for the UK and its allies, stimulating joint cyber-security research initiatives, defining the parameters of essential capacity planning, and producing a practical guide on cyber-security expertise and resources.

“The new Global Centre for Cyber Security and Capacity Building in Oxford University’s Martin School will coordinate global work on cyber threats and cyber policies which will help protect the UK’s security,” said Foreign Secretary, William Hague.

Cabinet Office Cyber Security minster Francis Maude had originally committed to the Centre during last October’s Budapest Conference on Cyberspace.

“We aim to make our research findings available to governments, communities and organisations in a manner which can define global priorities for cyber security capacity building,” said Centre head and Professor of Cyber Security, Sadie Creese.

“[We will] identify opportunities for mutual support and international development, stimulate investment in areas crucial to capacity building, and underpin the increase of their capacity in ways appropriate to ensuring a cyber space which can continue to grow and innovate in support of well-being, human rights and prosperity for all,” she added.

The Centre is the latest element of a series of investments the UK Government has made in cyber-security in the last three years.

These have ranged from more conventional ones such as the Cyber Security Challenge competition designed to highlight the skills of talented white hats to last month’s announcement of Fusion Cell, a cyber-defence organisation designed to monitor and defend against attacks on the public and private sectors in real time.

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