Apple names date for UK iPhone hysteria

The hysterically over-hyped Apple iPhone is coming to the UK and will be on sale at Carphone Warehouse and Apple stores from November 9th.

However, they weren’t joking about the price. Anyone wanting one badly enough will have to pay the not inconsiderable price of £316 inclusive of VAT, and be prepared to sign up for or already be using the UK network O2. The terms of the contract for new users will be at least one year on a premium tariff.

According to a Reuters report, the iPhone will be distributed in Germany through Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile division, and in France on Orange, which raises the likelihood that it will also be sold through these networks in the UK and elsewhere once O2 has creamed off the richest – or most fashion gullible - punters.

For those who don’t know, the iPhone is a phone, music and video player exceeded in its storage and music-playing capabilities by Apple’s other recent launch, the iTouch.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with O2 to offer our revolutionary iPhone to UK customers," gushed Apple's Steve Jobs. "US iPhone customer satisfaction is off the charts, and we can't wait to let UK customers get their hands on it and learn what they think of it." Indeed.

Apple has endured criticism in the US in recent weeks for rapidly cutting its launch price for the iPhone. There seems little chance of the same cut happening in the UK any time soon. Others have dedicated their time to hacking it, freeing it from its ties to the expensive AT&T launch network chosen for the US.

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