Best JavaScript Editors

JavaScript, the programming language for HTML and web that enables users to implement complex content on web pages, has a selection of editors that can be used as a toolbox with help to code faster and identify any bugs or security hacks as soon as they arise.

As a programmer or developer, it may be difficult to find the best editor based on the wide variety there are to choose from.

Here are some of the top editors to choose from when searching for the best JavaScript editor.

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Webstorm is both an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and editor, designed for professionals who work on large projects with many workflow tools.

Developed by JetBrains, the tool is able to easily tackle complex client-side and server-side development with Node.js.

Webstorm can be accessed via an app which includes various features such as coding assistance for frameworks like Angular, React and Meteor, inspections that are built to catch issues in code as you write and advanced navigation shortcuts for traversing different files.

The editor also includes many built-in features such as git and GitHub integration, which allows easy commits, visual doffing, merging and more.

WebStorm is offered on a paid monthly or yearly subscription basis. The monthly fee costs £9.90 a month, whilst the yearly fee is charged at £99.00 for the first year with a decrease in price every year onwards.



Atom is a free open-source and source code-based editor which is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

The editor is designed with support for plug-ins that is written in Node.js, as well as Git Control and GitHub integration.

Its interface supports HTML, CSS and JS and also includes a productivity workflow features such as fuzzy finder in order to access instant file switching.

Overall, Atom offers a modular design which means that various aspects can be changed and replaced to suit the user.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a source code editor developed by Microsoft. It is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

With IntelliSense support, the editor provides automatic completions whilst the user codes. It also includes Node.js, TypeScript and JavaScript debugging tools.

The editor is also embedded with Git control and a fast and responsive interface. Visual Studio Code is a web-based application that was released under the MIT license.

Similar to Atom, Visual Studio Code can be extended and customised with additional features. It is also provided as a free service.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a sophisticated proprietary source code editor that includes a Python application programming interface (API).

It is designed to support programming languages, markup and prose. Functions can also be added by users with plug-ins.

Sublime Text also includes IDE features such as project support and Syntax-aware selection that can be used to move to locations within the project.

It is also recognised for its fast and highly responsive performance in comparison to other text editors.

Sublime Text is available for free download, but for continuous use a licence will need to be purchased for £60.



Brackets is an open-source editor created by Adobe. It is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript with its primary focus being web development.

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux, the editor provides live preview of web code with real-time connection to the users browsers.

It offers fast project switching and function finding, which enables users to search for project files in real-time as they type.

Brackets also offers an extract feature which can pull details from PSD to convert into CSS.

The editor is also available for free.



BBEdit is a proprietary text editor that was developed by Bare Bones Software for MacOS.

This editor has been designed by software developers and web designers, with support for programming languages and built-in validation of HTML markup, along with prototypes for most HTML constructs.

It is supported by a number of applications and developer tools which provide assistance for using BBEdit as a third-party source code editor.

BBEdit is available for download from £38 with a 30-day free evaluation period.



UltraEdit is a commercial text editor designed for Windows, Linux and OS X operating systems.

It includes tools suitable for programmers such as macros, syntax highlighting, code folding and more.

UltraEdit offers multi-caret editing and multi-selection capabilities for user access. It is also able to open and edit large files of up to 4GB and larger.

It can be used on up to three machines, with a provided 3 for 1 license. It is available for £79.99.

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