Never heard of him

Oh, he’s not a him? Never heard of her or them either.

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This pilot fish gets a meeting invite from his boss’s boss with no information about what it’s about — just the name Skip Level.

And fish, who doesn’t know anyone by that name and is busy with customer-related work, declines, saying, “If you would find out from Skip Level what they want and then send the ask along to me, or just have Skip Level contact me directly, that would be great.”

Which prompts his boss’s boss to send out some much-needed clarification to everyone in the department: “I’m scheduling Skip Level meetings, the new name for 1 Over 1 Touchpoints, to give you all an opportunity to ask questions or provide feedback as well as to give me better insight into how things are going on the team.”

In fairness to fish, Sharky is pretty sure he has met a vendor rep named Skip Level at some point in the last 40 years.


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