Memory-Lane Monday: Great idea, except …

Let’s just say you’re unclear on the concept.

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After two big companies merge, this pilot fish who supports the training system has a lot more work.

“We migrated users from the merged company off their learning management system to our corporate standard,” says fish. “There were a number of issues, most due to desktop browser settings that would interfere with web-based training in one way or another.”

One of the most common problems is pop-up blockers. Sometimes the blockers prevent training content from coming up at all. In other cases, the content player is blocked from sending course-completion data back to the database

Fish is on a conference call, explaining the problem to a big group of participants from HR training, HR operations and IT, when an executive director in the training organization cuts in.

“Well,” director asks, “can’t you put a pop-up on the system to tell users to turn off their pop-up blockers?”

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