Flashback Friday: When you write the manual, ‘RTFM’ becomes your mantra

A lot of work for little thanks.

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This pilot fish’s real job is EMS director — think “ambulance” — for a small town. But he also happens to be the only one at city hall who knows HTML. That means he is usually the person who edits the city website.

But when fish’s boss decides to switch the site to WordPress, fish’s cellphone starts ringing nearly constantly with calls from other departments who now have to figure out how to update their own pages on the site.

When the distraction becomes too much, he writes a manual for his co-workers, complete with colorful pictures and step-by-step instructions, then tests it on his 11-year-old, who grasps it all.

Now, he hopes, his phone will stop ringing.

It doesn’t. At least now, though, he can just tell his callers what page to check in the manual.

But the calls keep coming, and fish stops answering his phone.

That’s when a co-worker stops him in a hallway and says, “I tried to get hold of you but couldn’t, so I read the manual. You put a lot of time and effort into that, didn’t you?”

Admits fish, “It took all I had not to strangle him.”

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