How to have Teams meetings with people outside your organization

Microsoft Teams was designed for collaboration with colleagues in your own company, but that makes it harder to meet with other people.

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Many organizations rely on Microsoft Teams to conduct voice and video calls, since it is part of the commonly deployed Office 365 and Microsoft 365 suites. Although other videoconferencing systems are better, Teams adds little to no cost to the IT budget, so it is fast becoming the corporate standard.

But Teams is designed for internal team communications — that is, for people managed through Azure Active Directory in the same domain. What if you need to meet with outsiders? Then Teams is not so easy.

How Teams handles external participation

On the plus side, external access is enabled by default in Teams, so you should be able to invite outsiders — unless IT turned off external access in the name of security without realizing the consequences. In that case you’ll need to get IT to enable it again.

Desktop access requirements: Windows, macOS, and Linux users have two ways to participate in a Teams meeting: use the Teams app or access Teams via a browser.

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