How to use Todoist for team task management

If advanced project management software seems like overkill, Todoist offers an easy and economical way to keep your team’s projects on track.

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Task management software is great for planning, managing concurrent deadlines, and creating a visual snapshot of where things stand. But when you’re managing a team, it’s likely both you and your colleagues keep task lists of your own. What if you consolidated your individual and team task management into one system — in this case, Todoist, where you can create projects, add tasks, and assign people to complete them? 

While Todoist is best known as a personal productivity tool, you can use it to delegate, set due dates, share files, add comments to tasks, and track the progress of team projects. It also offers the ability to integrate and sync up with other apps and services that you may use, like Slack or Microsoft Teams. And it helps you separate your personal and work projects, while staying in the same interface. 

Todoist is available via any web browser and as an app for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and more, so you and your colleagues will have access to it from anywhere.

Here’s how to make Todoist work better for your team. 

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