Flashback Friday: Smart, but not THAT smart

Not to mention those tiny keyboards …

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It’s early in the days of the post-iPhone smartphone boom, and this pilot fish is in the weekly status meeting with his fellow development managers, where the on-call rotation schedule for developers is always a bone of contention.

The idea is that all developer must take turns providing back-end support for difficult support requests, says fish.

But at this meeting, fish has a simple suggestion to keep the rotation moving along smoothly: The company should provide a single mobile phone, to be handed off to whoever is on call. That way there would be only one number the help desk has to call in case of after-hours emergencies.

Fish says a smartphone would be worth the investment, because the on-call dev person would at least have something to play with and show off to friends during the much-despised on-call duty.

Almost everyone thinks it’s a good idea. But one dev manager asks, “Wouldn’t it be very difficult to debug code on that small screen during the on-call?”

After the laughter dies down, explains to the manager just how the smartphone would fit into the process.

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