So long, farewell

It can be so hard to let go.

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Upon departing from a longstanding consulting gig, this pilot fish sets up an out-of-office notice with his external contact information and forwards email to his personal account.

He figures that after a few hours or days the volume of email will drop off rapidly. After all, everyone knows he’s leaving and should start removing him from distributions. And since the company is in a highly regulated industry, fish’s ID should be disabled pretty quickly.

And perhaps to some people 18 months constitutes “pretty quickly.”

Meanwhile, he’s getting everything from production emails to announcements like “It’s Bob’s birthday today! Cake at noon” and “Jane is leaving the company.”

Oh, well, reflects fish, it did keep him in the loop so he could attend a few farewell happy hours. After all, he had worked with the company for the better part of a decade.

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