Memory-Lane Monday: Seeing is believing

No, no — that’s what the cup holder is for!

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It’s 1998, and there are still plenty of old PCs in use at the newspaper company where this new-to-IT pilot fish works.

“Back then, humorous emails about clueless users and IT woes were still pretty new,” says fish. “I read one claiming a user had put a CD-ROM in a floppy-disk drive. I discounted it as a silly claim. I couldn’t believe you could actually do it.

But barely three weeks later, fish walks into the shop and is greeted by a co-worker who says, “Hey, guess what you can put in a 5-1/4-inch drive?”

“I look at the computer he’s working on and, sure enough, he’s using pliers to try to extract a CD-ROM from a floppy drive.”

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