Cancellation tracker: Australian IT and tech events

Cisco, AWS, and Akamai are among those who have had to cancel local tech events due to COVID-19

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After months of bushfires affecting Australian business, the nation now faces a new disruption also affecting the rest of the, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Governments are restricting travel and limiting congregations of people to slow the spread of the flu-like infection. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced as of 15 March, all international arrivals into the country must self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival.

For the tech industry, conferences and meetings are increasingly a casualty. And many companies are asking or requiring that employees work from home, including ASX, Atlassian, EY, Telstra, Twitter, and Vodafone in Australia.

Among the Australian events cancelled thus far are Akamai Security Summit, AWS Summit Sydney, Cisco Live, and Salesforce World Tour. From most to least recent:

  • Amazon Web Services announced on 5 March that the AWS Summit Sydney, scheduled for 31 March – 2 April, was being cancelled.
  • On 4 March, Akamai advised that its Akamai Security Summit in Sydney on 20 March had been cancelled.
  • Saleforce World Tour was scheduled for 4 March but Salesforce announced on 13 Feb that the World Tour was made an online event instead.
  • Cisco Live was scheduled for 3-6 March in Melbourne. The next Cisco Live is scheduled for 31 May in Las Vegas, and so far it remains scheduled. Cisco cancelled the Melbourne event on 13 February.

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