Hawkes Bay Council seeks efficiencies with process automation

Council builds on process mapping efforts

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Hawkes Bay Regional Council is seeking to automate many of its processes using software from US company Nintex.

The council is a long-term customer of process management software from Promapp, which was acquired by Nintex in 2018.

The council is also beginning to realise the value of bringing its process mapping work together with its process automation efforts to further its digital transformation.

It says it is able to leverage the Promapp software – now branded Nintex Promapp — to give its business transformation team a complete view into processes that need to be, or could be, automated.

The council has been using Promapp since 2010 and has mapped more than 500 processes. It has already automated a number of processes such as leave request forms and compliance authorisations.

Hawkes Bay Council business analyst Olivia Giraud-Burrell told Computerworld: “We were already using Nintex for process automation. Now that Nintex has acquired Promapp we can go to Nintex Promapp and we can build automated processes, if those processes are right for automation.

“We use Nintex Promapp to help us do things once and do them right. We train our staff to use Nintex Promapp not only to read through processes, but to also provide feedback. With Nintex Promapp, we can all contribute to process excellence.”

The council has used the software for several years to gain and maintain ISO9001 certification for its environmental sciences team.

Using Nintex Workflows and Forms it has created an automated mobile solution that eliminates the need for double data-entry, allowing its scientists in the field to submit data electronically via a Nintex Mobile app on a mobile device.

It claims this saved more than 200 hours of staff time in the five-month testing period alone.

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