Next up on Microsoft's dust heap: Office 2010

The end of support for Office 2010 is coming up in less than 10 months. What does that mean for companies still running the aging Office suite? We've got answers.

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With Windows 7's retirement from support now behind everyone, the next major marker for a Microsoft expiration arrives in a little less than 10 months, when Office 2010 falls off the servicing list.

Big yawn, right?

Not really. According to an admittedly past-sale-date survey of nearly 1,200 IT professionals in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada in September 2017, 68% of the respondents said that their companies were still running Office 2007.

Office 2007's end of support was Oct. 10, 2017, or less than a month after these IT people were polled.

There's little reason to think that the percentage of companies now running Office 2010 would be much less. (Nor, according to Spiceworks, will everyone ditch Office 2010 by the deadline; in the fall of 2017, 46% of those surveyed said their workplaces still had Office 2003 running; that version dead-ended in April 2014.)

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