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GoDaddy Websites + Marketing is perfect for new brands looking to get online.


These days, everyone understands the importance of having a website. From solo entrepreneurs to startup CEOs, most (if not all) business leaders understand the importance of having a beautiful, functional website to educate potential customers on their product and/or services. Thanks to high demand, there are plenty of web builders out on the web — and while most advertise that they're user-friendly, once you have your website up and running, how does it actually support your business operations? Do you understand how to leverage it as a tool, or does it kind of lay dormant (taking your business with it)?

Luckily, there's GoDaddy Websites + Marketing, an incredible service for companies that might not have the funds to hire a full marketing team, or any entrepreneur who needs help executing on a powerful online marketing strategy. While other website builders help get the bones of your website online and stop there, GoDaddy Websites + Marketing goes beyond just creating a good-looking site and can actually help you grow your business, offering up powerful, actionable insights through data and recommendations based on the industry you're in.

Whether you're struggling to discover how (or if) you should implement an SEO strategy, have no idea how to run an email marketing campaign or need to be found on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, GoDaddy Websites + Marketing helps give you some answers. You get tailored plans for your business, a modern, mobile-friendly website, plus all the social media and email marketing insight you need — even a function to support an online store and/or appointment booking. 

In fact, users saw an average increase of 18% in business revenue after 12 months. It's all the support you need beyond just simple creation to make your website a powerful tool to grow your business. 

Try one month of GoDaddy Websites + Marketing for free today, and maximize your company's growth — no credit card required.

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