Time-Machine Tuesday: For better or worse

Sometimes it takes two to make a problem.

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It’s years ago, and this young PC tech pilot fish is hired by a school district — and his co-workers warn him that the principal of one of the schools they’ve given him is very difficult to get along with.

On the day he’s paged to go to that school and to see that principal, fish has a knot in his stomach. But upon arriving, he finds is a flustered middle-aged woman who immediately begins griping about “these new computers” and how she doesn’t have time for these problems because she’s getting married.

Fish calmly comments, “Getting married? That's great!”

Principal stops complaining for a moment and says, “Yes, it’s exciting” — and then begins complaining again that she can’t get the reports she needs to do her job.

After she demonstrates her problems for a few minutes, fish realizes that there’s nothing wrong with the computer; the principal is just navigating a new application the wrong way.

So he takes her place at the keyboard, and she watches as he steps through the process.

But when fish asks if she understands what he’s done, she stands with a faraway look and replies solemnly, “I do” — and then suddenly turns beet-red.

“You’re not even here, are you?” chuckles fish. Principal turns even redder and laughs, “I guess I’m not! You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?”

Says fish, “I promised I wouldn’t — a promise I have kept until now — and gained a friend who was later instrumental in getting me a much-needed raise.

“From that day on, my boss sent me to all the ‘difficult’ users to see if I could work my charm on them, too.”

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