COLFO claims to have evidence of firearms database glitch

Releases redacted affidavit claiming access available to non-dealers

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The Council of Licenced Firearm Owners (COLFO) says it has evidence confirming unauthorised access to a police database containing the personal details of gun owners.

Police have claimed that that the database was available only to dealers who had registered on the site.

In December COLFO revealed details of an alleged glitch with the gun buyback website, saying it revealed full contact details, firearm licence number and bank address details of more than 37,000 gun owners.

That prompted calls for the resignation of police minister Stuart Nash. However two days later police said a system audit by its vendors had confirmed there had been only one login by a dealer with legitimate access to the platform in the previous 24 hours, and that the full details of only 35 people had been accessed. The minister kept his job.

COLFO rejected those claims and has now released a redacted affidavit from a non-dealer who claimed to have sighted details of licenced firearms dealers before the site was closed down.

COLFO claimed others had also been able to access the information but it had been unable to get these people to go on the record.

“Many of the others that told us they saw firearm registration details were scared by the vindictive and legalistic police reaction,” COLFO said. “They feared they may be prosecuted for accidentally accessing private data.”

COLFO is using the affidavit to ramp up its campaign against a proposed database of firearms owners saying: “Now we have multiple testimonies, we can turn to the real issue: the fallibility of an online register of firearms. Why are they proceeding with a plan to turn this breakable database into one listing the location of every (legal) firearm in New Zealand?”


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