Spritely system aims to streamline aged care

Startup Spritely has launched a tablet-based system for use by retirement villages. The system is designed to help both village operators and individual residents by automating residents’ wellbeing, medication and vital sign measurements, and by providing general purpose communications.

The system combines a tablet with wirelessly connected blood pressure, heart rate and weight measuring devices, motion sensor and medication dispenser. The tablets also support video communication and messaging between residents and with staff.

It links to the services of a 24/7 emergency response provider and a subscription medication service. Spritely says it managers medication delivery by organising every dose, refill and reminder.

Spritely has been developed over the past three years in conjunction with Qestral Corporation, which is led by Ryman Healthcare co-founder John Ryder and New Zealand Aged Care National Chairman Simon O’Dowd. It is now being rolled out in all the new Qestral retirement villages across New Zealand.

It has been made available to 230 independent Alpine View residents, in Christchurch and Spritely says a further 800+ home fit-outs are in the pipeline, in new retirement village developments across Christchurch, Nelson, Whangarei and Hamilton.

Spritely says: “The feedback we've had from the management and administration team at Alpine View in Christchurch, for example, is that Spritely saves time and money; especially when it comes to communicating about events and activities, which has traditionally relied on printing thousands of flyers for letterboxes.”

The system is presently available only to facilities operators but Spritely says it is working on a product that will be available to all seniors regardless of their living situation.

To ensure security, Spritely says its security practices are independently verified and access to the tablet itself is highly restricted: it cannot be used for general internet browsing or email.

“It is locked in ‘kiosk’ mode so that residents can only use the Spritely application and some lower level parts of the operating system (device settings, such as WiFi networks),” it says.


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