6 great apps for the iOS mobile enterprise

Here are six cloud-based solutions with excellent mobile/iOS apps that are seeing rapid enterprise deployment.

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There’s more to enterprise apps than Office, Salesforce, Slack or G-Suite.

Here are six cloud-based solutions with excellent mobile/iOS apps that are seeing rapid enterprise deployment, according to Okta.

Every enterprise is now a digital enterprise

Today, every enterprise is a digital enterprise. This has created profitable opportunities for big tech (just look at Apple’s eye-watering $91.82b Q1 2020 revenues) while offering up numerous opportunities for developers with fresh ideas.

Slack, Atlassian, Box, ZenDesk and Splunk are seeing huge adoption on this wave, Okta claims in its latest 2020 Businesses @ Work report.

The report shows that while most enterprises use Microsoft Office, they also rely on  other tools to get things done. It seems clear that modern enterprise app deployments are heterogenous, and involve multiple solutions.

Okta’s report gathers together some of apps and services that are seeing adoption by businesses around the world. These range from key integration and MDM services, such as the increasingly popular Jamf Pro, to back-end infrastructure (AWS), and services that boast cutting-edge tools for mobile workers.

I’ve looked through the report and identified the following as six solutions that are rapidly winning a place in the digital enterprise. 

Data for the rest of us: Splunk

From Splunk, a company with an excellent reputation for taking business data and turning it into valuable insights, the Splunk app provides users with notifications, dashboards and ways to dig into their data on their iPad or iPhone.

This product works with your Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud deployment, where the data actually resides. The idea is that key knowledge workers can be equipped with the kind of deep, actionably business knowledge they need to get things done. You can even set the app up to share data via Apple Watch.

Splunk clients include Airbus, Hyatt, Porsche.

Managing events: Envoy

If you’re running a large-scale event, large office suite or a giant manufacturing concern, then knowing where site visitors are becomes extremely important. That’s where Envoy Passport (for organizers) and Envoy Visitors come into their own. These apps work with your Envoy back-end, giving managers visitor insights, invitation privileges, customized notifications and offering up direct contact with team members.

Envoy clients include Slack, L’Oreal, Pinterest and Mazda. More information.

Better video-conferencing: Zoom

While more established players (Google, Microsoft, Cisco) seem to occupy a great deal of mind share in the video conferencing space, Zoom continues to win new customers. The data suggests 876% growth in its customer base in the last three years.

Why? Because it’s reliable, easy to use, and has useful tools for collaboration, messaging and file-sharing.

Enterprise clients include 20th Century Fox, Uber and Nasdaq.

Smarter HR: Workday

Yet another mobile front end for a cloud-based service, Workday is one of the most popular human resources tools (though Bamboo HR may also be worth a look).

Workday offers a full ERP system, with tools for new employee onboarding, communication and calendar scheduling. The thing is, Workday also gathers data management can use to hopefully make better decisions.

Clients include Netflix, HP Enterprise, Bank of America and Amazon.

Think (and collaborate) visually: Lucidchart

Lucidchart is a good solution for visual thinkers. It is best seen as a visual workspace that brings together diagramming, data visualization and collaboration tools that can be used to describe ideas and help plan development. This isn’t a new solution, particularly, and its client list reflects that: Google, Adobe, HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon are all use it.

Manage IT services: Freshservice

This cloud-based IT service desk solution is a Gartner customer choice. Freshservice promises easy set-up, omnichannel support (email, chat, etc.), and intriguing features to make work more fun – boosted by data integrity and accurate records creation.

You’ll use this to automate internal processes, meet targets and to improve employee experiences.

Freshservice clients include Honda, M&CSaatchi and Addison Lee.

Is your business using specific iOS apps for different tasks? Which ones? How can Apple improve its platforms to enable better solutions for your enterprise?

Please let me know.

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