Macquarie Telecom 'delighted' about NBN reach

National voice and data carrier Macquarie Telecom is pleased with the development of a National Broadband Network even though it is releasing its own WAN optimisation solution today.

Group executive of data services at Macquarie Telecom, Glen Noble, said the company is “delighted at the NBN”.

According to Macquarie Telecom, anything that will reduce Telstra’s monopoly is a good thing.

Macquarie Telecom today announced its managed WAN optimisation service (MWO) developed with Riverbed technology.

Macquarie is promising the new application acceleration service will enable LAN-like performance across the WAN and is claiming to be the first organisation globally to offer a money-back, or free bandwidth upgrade, SLA for application acceleration as a standard service offering.

Macquarie Telecom claims to be delivering NBN-quality network performance ahead of the national network’s completion.

The MWO service has been designed to maximise performance and responsiveness of business applications up to 100 times across a company’s WAN.

Noble said the NBN, even with its 1Gbps to the premises promise, won’t obsolete WAN optimisaiton technology or services.

“It won’t obsolete WAN optimisation at all and there is this massive demand. It will probably enable it to be honest,” he said.

“In corporates you might have 10 or 15 offices, but when you get out to areas like Bathurst or Rockhampton you start to get to very limited connectivity.”

“This is where you get to Riverbed works brilliantly with some of those long-latency links. The NBN is going to help that massively. On many fronts we are excited about the NBN.”

Macquarie Telecom’s WAN optimisation customers include welfare charity Anglicare.

Senior IT officer at Anglicare, Luke Mackie said the organisation needed to resolve application performance issues it was experience across its LAN.

“Documents that took over two minutes to open now take between eight and 10 seconds,” Mackie said.

“The new high performance network was crucial for the deployment of SharePont across the company.”

Despite the NBN-like claims, Macquarie is unlikely to on-sell its WAN optimisation capabilities to NBN Co.

“What we are doing is embedding the technology and selling it as a managed service,” Noble said.

“For our business customers it’s about delivering the application. It’s about enabling the capabilities and not something we plan to sell.”

Macquarie Telecom has been working on the managed service for some time, but it has been cautious how it brings the technology to market.

In Australia to visit staff and customers, Riverbed CEO, Jerry Kennelly, said the amount of bandwidth available won’t solve the performance of applications across the network as the transport rate is already limited by the speed of light.

“You can have unlimited bandwidth, but you will be constrained by latency.”

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