PostgreSQL 8.4 goes into beta, ups performance

The PostgreSQL open source database project has released a beta of the upcoming version 8.4 release with a significant focus on performance improvements.

Version 8.4 is a major release and has been in development for fourteen months. The beta is now available for testing with a final expected in six weeks which aims to be the “best release ever”, according to its developers.

Performance improvements relate to searching, bulk inserts, joins and I/O load reduction, among others.

Local PostgreSQL users include the real estate portal and the IMAN insurance company.

Version 8.4 includes hundreds of patches and dozens of new features, including parallel restore, column permissions, per-database locale settings, easier to use warm standby, per-function runtime statistics, and support for SSL certs for user authentication.

See the 8.4 beta release notes for the full changelog.


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