Conflict brewing for over 10% of new TLDs, ICANN reveals

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has released statistics about the applications for new top-level domains #8212; so-called 'dot word' domains along the lines of .web and .bank #8212; ahead of the unveiling of the list of TLDs applied for that will occur tonight.

Two hundred and thirty of the domains proposed by applicants will become the subject of ICANN's dispute resolution process #8212; which involves an attempt among applicants for the same domain to come to a joint arrangement, followed by an auction if that's unsuccessful. There were 751 conflicting applications for these 230 domains in total, which in many cases are likely to involve generic suffixes like .secure.

There were 1930 applications for new domains (after refunds to participants that withdrew following a glitch in ICANN's application system); 84 of those are "community-based", with the rest being standard applications. One hundred and sixteen applications involve non-Latin scripts.

The geographic breakdown of applications is:

#8226; 911 from North America;

#8226; 675 from Europe;

#8226; 303 the Asia Pacific;

#8226; 24 from Latin America and the Caribbean; and

#8226; 17 from Africa.

ICANN is currently proposing to deal with applications in batches of 500, a decision that has been the subject of criticism.

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