Optus reveals iPhone 3G S pricing, tethering free with Net pack

Telco Optus has announced its plan pricing for the new iPhone 3G S, which includes a free handset with some 24-month contracts. Free tethering, however, comes with a catch.

Optus will give away an 8GB (iPhone 3G), 16GB or 32GB iPhone 3G S on its $99 'yes' timeless plans when combined with its $14.99 Mobile Internet Pack.

A free iPhone is also available with the $129 per month plan.

For lesser value plans, a free iPhone 3G 8GB is available with the $59 and $79 iPhone Plans.

As as sweetener, Optus will give away up to $100 bonus credit for online purchases. The plans are active as of June 26, 2009.

Handset pricing for 12 month contracts range from $21 per month to $76 per month depending on the value of the plan and iPhone capacity.

See Optus' Web site for detailed pricing and plan information.

Tethering available, but restricted

With iPhone OS 3.0 adding an Internet tethering application, Optus will allow its subscribers to use an iPhone 3G as a modem and connect a PC to the Internet within its 3G network area, but it won't be part of the standard plan data allowance.

Customers will need to purchase “iPhone as Modem” access for $9.99 to use the data included in an iPhone 3G plan to do thethering.

However, if subscribers purchase a $9.99 “Mobile Internet Pack” they will be able to use tethering for free as a “limited time offer”.

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