Telstra conducts Google Glass app trial with staff

Telstra has partnered with Melbourne development company b2cloud for the development of two Google Glass apps.

Telstra CTO Hugh Bradlow confirmed that the telco had invested in two apps and the company is trialling the apps with a “select group” of Telstra employees. He would not comment further on the trial.

b2cloud managing director Josh Guest, who has been using Google Glass for seven months, told Techworld Australia that the wearable technology may be of use in industries such as warehousing.

“In warehousing or logistics, you can imagine a situation where someone has to move a box from a shelf or a truck they have a device such as an iPhone strapped to their arm. That provides them with the information about which box to use but it’s not a hands free experience,” he said.

In the future, a worker could get instructions sent to Google Glass, walk towards the package, look at it and the camera in Glass will scan the package and tell them which truck to put it on.

“When you wear Glass for four days you quickly realise that this is a solution to some of the challenges we have when using a mobile phone [to view information]. Having information presented to you at the right time is mind blowing stuff,” Guest said.

He added that more information about the two apps under development with Telstra would be released “later in 2014”.

In September 2013, Telstra and Seventh Beam developed an app called AFL Glassware for the 2014 AFL season. The app will allow fans to choose a live game commentary or have the commentary translated to text via the optical display. Customers will also be able to view scores and stats while watching the match.

At the time, Telstra digital media and content director Adam Good said the primary aim of the project was to ensure it has some apps available in the marketplace when Google Glass launches in Australia.

A Telstra spokeswoman told Techworld Australia this week that the AFL app had not been launched into the market for the 2014 season yet.

In February 2014, Westpac Australia confirmed that the bank is currently trialling a version of the St George MoneyMeter app for Google Glass and smart watches.

“We are also trialling a Westpac branch and ATM locater on smart watches. Our intention is to test, learn and then use what we have learnt to introduce it into our other brands,” said Westpac Group general manager Harry Wendt.

A Google Australia spokesman said the company had “nothing to share” about Google Glass availability or pricing for Australia yet. He added that the Glass Explorer program is currently only available in the US.

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