Throwback Thursday: Help is right around the corner

Phone tag? This is more like phone volleyball.

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Sysadmin pilot fish is working at home when he gets a trouble ticket that was logged the night before.

“The guy reported that he can’t print from an application in location 1 (about 10 miles away),” says fish. “He spoke to the help desk in location 3 (about 300 miles away), and left a location-4 number (about 40 miles away).

“Location 3 passed it to the applications admins in location 5 (about 180 miles away), who called me at location 2 (about 15 miles away) last night.

“I can't get the guy on the phone. Try to ring him on the location-4 number this morning, still wondering why he can’t print in location 1, to find it’s the guy who lives at the end of my road, who is also home as he got called out last night.

“So the call has been passed around the country, when he was only four doors down from where I was working. I could have walked along and seen him in about 30 seconds.”

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