Kordia offers direct connection to Google Cloud

Reveals Google Partner Interconnect deal

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Kordia is now offering New Zealand businesses direct connections to Google Cloud services via Google Partner Interconnect.

Partner Interconnect traffic from customers’ networks to Google Cloud is routed via Kordia’s private network, rather than the public Internet.

Kordia says this means fewer points of failure where traffic might get dropped or disrupted and offers the added benefit of increased security and management functionality.

According to Google’s website, Kordia is the only service provider in New Zealand offering Partner Connect. Kordia also offers similar access to Microsoft Azure via Microsoft Express Route and to AWS with AWS Direct Connect.

Kordia says Partner Interconnect can be more cost-effective than purchasing additional bandwidth over the public internet when customers want to make large data transfers to or from Google Cloud, and these data transfers are governed by service level agreements.

Kordia’s head of product, Murray Goodman, said direct connections to Google Cloud services businesses use would reduce cloud migration risk.

“Cloud services only perform as well as the network allows. When using public networks, latency can frustrate users and reflect poorly on IT managers who really don’t want complaints about service degradation,” he said in a statement.

Google Cloud has more than two dozen channel partners in New Zealand that take its enterprise Platform as a Service and other offerings to market.

Igor Matich, CEO of IT service provider Dynamo6 — one of the few to achieve Google Premier Partner status — said the availability of Private Interconnect would boost the use of Google Cloud’s services in New Zealand.


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