Australian organisations turn to Cloud, video conferencing for productivity

More Australian public sector and private sector organisations are turning to IT investments such as Cloud computing and video conferencing in a bid to automate processes and increase staff productivity, according to a new survey from Telstra.

The fourth annual Telstra Productivity Indicator had 700 Australian respondents with 313 coming from the public sector.

More than 70 per cent of both private and public sector respondents were in the process of adopting Cloud computing over the next 12 months while 69 per cent of companies in the private sector had invested in e-commerce and self-service facilities.

In addition, 70 per cent of private and public sector respondents indicated they were investing in video conferencing and collaboration products.

Telstra network applications and services executive director, Antony de Jong, said that self-service facilities such as bill settlement could mean a “win-win situation” for company productivity. “If the bill is right the first time then you don’t face all the costs of the organisation dealing with the complaint and doing the work to correct the bill,” he said.

Video conferencing and collaboration offerings are becoming more popular in the public sector because of travel savings, faster business decisions and opportunities to connect with other federal or state departments in different parts of Australia.

“For example, the Department of Finance installed telepresence and saved over $5 million in travel costs,” de Jong said. "There is an opportunity for other federal government departments such as Treasury to use telepresence to communicate with the Department of Finance.”

The Indicator also found that productivity was a top priority for 80 per cent of the private sector and 66 per cent of the public sector.

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