ACCC directs Telstra to improve NBN processes again

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has again directed Telstra to improve aspects of its customer migration plan for the National Broadband Network (NBN).

The two measures relate to the pull through process for the NBN where NBN Co may need to use existing copper or the HFC network to pull fibre through the conduit from the street to premises.

This will result in temporary outages to existing services.

Telstra has proposed it will collect the consent of its wholesale customers (RSPs) for NBN Co to pull through lines which they are providing services on and also notify wholesale customers if the process has failed.

“The ACCC issued this direction as it considers that Telstra’s proposed processes would not provide appropriate protections to consumers and competition during migration,” Ed Willett, ACCC commissioner, said in a statement.

Telstra is required to amend the processes and resubmit them within 40 days.

The direction comes a day after the ACCC issued a draft decision on NBN Co’s Special Access Undertaking (SAU) stating the ACCC was "not satisfied that the SAU meets the relevant criteria for acceptance”.

NBN Co is paying Telstra $11 billion to use Telstra’s exchanges, dark fibre, ducts, lead-in-conduits and for the telco to migrate customers on its copper and HFC network to the NBN once it is available.

Telstra filed a migration plan with the ACCC in August 2011 and lodged a draft response in October 2012.

The ACCC ordered Telstra to improve NBN processes in February this year, including the disconnection of copper and HFC networks that have not been migrated to the NBN within the switchover period; building new copper lines for services not yet provided on the NBN; and protecting information so Telstra cannot use it to gain a competitive advantage.

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