Using the NBN to enable Gov 2.0

Australia should leverage the National Broadband Network (NBN) to create more interactive and open governance, a Gov 2.0 expert has argued.

Director of consultancy company Publicani and former Gov 2.0 advisor to the UK government, Dr Tim Williams, spoke to Computerworld Australia, saying that while the NBN will significantly change Australia’s technological landscape, government bodies across Australia must use the network to interact with citizens online.

“Technology will be used to make services more digital and make government more open and interactive,” Williams said.

“I think what’s going to happen is that the NBN is going to give the government massive momentum, and the real challenge for the government is to be as innovative as the opportunity itself.”

Touting the NBN as more than just a network, Williams said the way services are delivered from the government will change post-NBN rollout.

“The NBN in itself will have an impact on the delivery of broadband services but will also have a knock on effect on how things are delivered in government and public services,” he said.

“The NBN has provided an opportunity for something that we’ve been talking about for a while now, and that’s using modern media to communicate with citizens.”

Williams said that government bodies should take South Australia’s approach, with the state choosing to engage citizens residing at the NBN Willunga test site.

“South Australia is doing some interesting stuff because they are one of the first NBN test sites and they are looking at how they can make people engaged,” he said. “There is work being done on getting the public enthused.”

The Federal Government last week tabled a report into the role and potential of the NBN, highlighting the need for initiatives to drive demand for services delivered by the high speed network.

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