New iPhone app to guide tourists around central Australia

A new iPhone app that relies on GPS technology has been developed for tourists travelling through outback Australia.

DIY Tourguide was launched in Alice Springs this week and is the first iPhone application of its kind; triggering audio commentary and detailed information at GPS points over a distance of more than 100 kilometres.

The app does not require mobile phone or internet coverage, and provides self-drive tourists with a new way to experience the location.

In an upgrade from its CD and MP3 audio guides, director of DIY Tourguide, Laurelle Halford, said it was a natural progression for the company to take.

“Many tech-savvy tourists are already using GPS-guided iPhone applications in cities and towns around the world, but over a smaller area,” Halford said in a statement.

“We wanted to better entertain self-drive tourists and help them to interpret the landscape in precise locations, where they might otherwise see an empty, barren place.”

The app, which has also been developed for the iPad, is unique by saving valuable battery life on smartphone devices, Halford says.

“The technology is not just unique in its ability to work without mobile or internet access coverage, but it is designed to optimise sample GPS locations to maximise better life of the iPhone over long distances.”

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