Adobe versus Apple: The Flash saga continues

Adobe has claimed that Apple's decision to bar Flash from all iOS devices is related to its business plan, and not to technical concerns.

Australia and New Zealand's Adobe evangelist, Paul Burnett, told Computerworld Australia that Apple’s decision has nothing to do with the quality of Adobe products.

“At the moment Flash doesn’t run in the browser of iOS [devices] and this is the only platform it doesn’t run on #8212; I can’t see that changing at the moment,” Burnett said.

“The reasoning [behind] Apple’s decision to put it on there or not have been to do with [Flash] performance, that it chews up the CPU and is buggy, but that’s been proved wrong quite clearly by Android and the [RIM] PlayBook where Flash is running really, really smoothly with positive feedback from users.”

Burnett said rather than being a technical issue, Apple’s choice stems from its desire to keep its business model intact.

“The reason that Apple doesn’t want it is because its a threat to the iTunes store and their business model, and that makes perfect sense for them, and that’s why I don’t think its going to change in the near future.”

Burnett’s claims come as Adobe announced it would launch a pre-release build of Adobe Reader for the iPad, in a move intended to create equality across the mobile market.

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