NRMA rolls out Intel’s Mobileye tech to keep its drivers safer on the road

Uses advanced driver-assistance system to alert drivers in real time

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The National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA) has deployed an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) to help drivers while on the road.

Mobileye's ADAS works as a third-eye on the road by providing warnings that give drivers seconds to react, keeping them and the community safer.

The Intel subsidiary already has its technology embedded in "hundreds" of newly manufactured cars from more than 25 automakers globally, but it can also be installed in existing cars.

Telstra is currently working with Mobileye to install the 6 series across NRMA's 300 plus vans across NSW.

"We’re already working with the NRMA to install the Mobileye system onto its patrol vans, linking the vehicle’s computer to the front-facing camera while installing a small display for the driver to view alerts," Telstra said in a statement.

"NRMA patrol drivers are briefed on the new tech, and they’re back on the road. No advanced training or operation required: just a small, potentially life-saving upgrade to their invaluable mobile office."

The telco said most drivers have had the working solution for six weeks and said they feel safer.

The Mobileye 6 series uses an artificial vision sensor to monitor the road of pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles. It consists of a single camera and a dashboard alert unit to give the driver visual and audible warnings.

Mobileye provides audible alerts to drivers up to two seconds before a potential collision, allowing them time to react. It also alerts drivers to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front and speed alert and lane departure warnings.

NRMA expects the solution will lead to fewer road accidents involving its fleet, reducing operational costs.

NRMA told Computerworld it does not have any specific data on the number of incidents but that the safety of its drivers is the number one priority.

In its financial results analyst briefing in August, Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said the telco's internet of things (IoT) business exceeded industry growth rates, with revenue up 19.4 per cent. Penn listed among the IoT solutions launched in 2019 a "commercial vehicle product".

At its investor day on 27 November, enterprise group executive Michael Ebeid said that Telstra is exploiting mid-market opportunities around IoT and security.

Telstra also said that it has been putting around 2000 IoT devices on its network each week.

Computerworld has asked NRMA for further information regarding the possible recording of these alerts and possible consequences for drivers that fail to follow the safety alerts.

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