Slingshot guarantees internet-ready homes when customers move

If you are moving house, Slingshot is guaranteeing your internet will be ready to go by the time you move in.

Under the company’s new seven day moving house guarantee, all existing and new customers have to do is give seven days notice that they are moving and Slingshot will guarantee their Broadband is up and running at the new address.

According to Slingshot, if it is not, then the price paid by the customer for the monthly base plan will be free for the first two months in the new home, as long as it fits into terms and conditions outlined on the company’s website.

Slingshot GM Taryn Hamilton said many peoples’ experience of moving house has been spoiled by long delays getting their internet connected.

“It shouldn’t be like that, especially because broadband is such a fundamental part of peoples’ lives these days. It should be an easy transition and really, it should just happen.

“This guarantee is all about easing the hassle of moving house, because it’s stressful enough as it is. And besides, just imagine not being able to order pizza online or find out where the nearest bottle store is on Google maps after a long, hard day moving furniture and unpacking boxes," said Hamilton.

The new guarantee is open to existing customers and those wanting to join Slingshot if they are moving address.

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