Crown Institute stresses simplicity in call for new HR system

Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research, a Crown Research Institute with annual revenue of $55 million and 350 staff in nine locations, is in the market for a People Management Information System (PMIS). It is after a cloud-based, Software as a Service solution that is reasonably priced, functionally rich, provides a superior user experience – and is easy to deploy.

According to Registration of Interest documents, Manaaki Whenua is looking for a standard, configurable solution that can be implemented in a short period of time.

“We do not want to go through a traditional requirements gathering exercise, which may inadvertently proscribe existing solutions or lead to unnecessary development costs. We will not consider solutions that would require significant implementation efforts.”

Manaaki Whenua has seven science portfolios that work with central and local government, private sector businesses, and M?oriorganisations. Although it has 350 staff, the system would be expected to cater to a total workforce of 500, including seven staff in HR-related functions.

Mobile access is a key requirement for the distributed workforce, as is a rich set of APIs to enable integrations, and support for a single sign-on. “Manaaki Whenua has a distributed and increasingly mobile workforce, so particular interest will be shown in capabilities to support cross-platform and mobile devices. User experience will be evaluated as a priority feature.”

The PMIS is described as a kind of one-stop area for all employee-related information, including health and safety, and quality and compliance practices. It is expected to include everything from job descriptions and an organisational chart to training and analytics to track diversity and equality, turnover statistic and hiring practices, and workforce analytics.

Timeframes for the process of selecting and deploying the system are relatively crisp, with a short list of vendors expected to be drawn up by the end of May, and the new PMIS scheduled for implementation between July and September.

Payroll is not included in the current scope, but it may be considered later on. The deployment of a new PMIS is considered by Manaaki Whenua to be a “key piece of its core systems upgrade”. It will replace on-premise solutions that handle many of the HR processes at the present time.


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