Bosch backs Kiwi email reading app for in-car use

Global automotive equipment maker Bosch has added New Zealand company Beweb’s Speaking Email app for reading emails to its portfolio of apps designed to assist car drivers.

Bosch has added Speaking Email to its MySPIN platform, an option offered to vehicle manufacturers that reproduces the screen functions of an Android, or iOS smartphone on a vehicle mounted touchscreen (it is available for cars and motorbikes). Bosch demonstrated Speaking Email on its stand at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 5-8.

MySPIN is backed by Bosch app store, which provides a range of driver-assistive apps that can be downloaded to an Android or iOS smartphone and then accessed via the touchscreen. Support for Windows smartphones is under development.

MySPIN also modifies the apps user interface to minimize driver distraction, according to Bosch.“A streamlined interface presents only essential content to the driver. It displays the information that’s relevant to driving, with nothing distracting or unnecessary. … The apps retain their original look and feel, as intended by their publishers. It’s the same user experience, just transferred to the vehicle’s touchscreen in a special car mode.”

Beweb director, Mike Nelson, said the partnership with Bosch was a major coup for the company. "Bosch is way ahead in automotive technology - they have the only connected car system that allows apps to work seamlessly in the vehicle, so it is a perfect fit for us and very exciting they have chosen to partner with us," he said.

According to Beweb, Speaking Email works with 99 percent of mail servers and differs from alternatives in that it is able to identify and skip email clutter such as signatures, disclaimers, reply chains and junk mail.

The premium version is able to archive, flag, trash or even reply on the move, according to Beweb. Recently released features include voice selection and multilingual mode, which detects emails written in other languages and reads them with native pronunciation.

The app is available free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, a premium version costs $US1.99 per month, or $US19.99 per year.

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