Vodafone revamps fixed broadband plans

Vodafone has introduced a new range of home broadband plans that include 24/7 support and the ability to use the Vodafone mobile network if the fixed line broadband service fails.

Prices start at $49.99 per month for a wireless broadband service with 40GB of data for the Basic Home service. The Everyday Home service with 100GB of data is $69.99 per month on a 24 month contract. It is available over fibre HFC (which Vodafone calls FibreX) or ADSL.

The Unlimited fibre/ADSL service with unlimited data costs $94.99 on a 12 month contract. The Smart Connect option is also unlimited for $79.99 per month, but requires a 24 month commitment and has few add-ons than the Unlimited offering. It does not have 24/7 support.

All prices are discounted by $10 for Vodafone mobile customers. Vodafone promises to put customers on a fibre or FibreX connection rather than ADSL, if these are available in their area.

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