Sam for Compliance founder named Global Cyber Alliance ambassador

Tony Krzyzewski, co-founder and director of New Zealand IT security company SAM for Compliance, has been named as one of eight ambassadors for the US based Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), a cross-sector effort designed to confront, address, and prevent malicious cyber activity.

Sam for Compliance is a cloud service that enables organisations to assess and manage their compliance with CIS Controls, a set of best practice guidelines for computer security published by the US-based Center for Internet Security (CIS). It debuted in April 2017 and was featured in a CIS case study shortly afterwards.

The GCA said the eight ambassadors would further the organisation’s mission of eradicating cyber risk, and had been chosen “because of their tremendous reputations in the cybersecurity community and their commitment to making a positive difference in addressing cyber challenges.”

The other ambassadors, all appointed for a one-year term, are:

- Yossi Appleboum, co-CEO, Sepio Systems

- Barry Gooch, chairman, Prevention of Fraud in Travel (PROFiT)

- David Harcourt, chief security advisor, BT

- Jenny Menna, senior vice president and cybersecurity partnership executive with US Bank

- Graeme Newman, chief innovation officer, CFC Underwriting Ltd.

-Jay Singh, marketing and partnerships, Red Sift

- Nicola Staub, prosecutor, public prosecutor's office, Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland

Andy Bates, GCA executive director for the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Africa, said the ambassadors would help increase the adoption of existing and future GCA tools and solutions, including its DMARC email authentication efforts and Quad9, its DNS security service that protects against malicious websites while preserving privacy.

“They will help us expand our reach within the international community and serve a vital role in shaping the future direction of GCA,” he said. “It is important to a global organisation to have friends who understand local culture.”

He added: “The ambassadors will serve key roles in facilitating early testing of GCA tools and will assist with public outreach to ensure these resources are globally available. Ambassadors will also support sustainability efforts for the non-profit, which makes its tools available to everyone, at no cost.”

The CGA, founded in 2015, is an international, cross-sector effort designed to confront, address, and prevent malicious cyber activity.

Its founders were the City of London Policy, the New York District Attorney’s office and the Center for Internet Security. It has numerous partner organisations. Sam for Compliance is its only Australasian partner.


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