New Zealand #2 for mobile broadband data uptake

New Zealand has the second highest per capita penetration of data-only mobile broadband subscriptions among OECD members, at 79.6 per 100 people, according to new figures released by the OECD.

Sweden led with 90.3 data-only subscriptions per 100 people. Both Sweden and New Zealand were well ahead of third placed nation, Estonia, with 49.7. Australia was in sixth position with 25.0 data only subscriptions per 100 people.

The OECD makes a distinction between “data and voice subscriptions” which it calls “standard mobile broadband” and “data-only subscriptions” or“dedicated mobile data”.

The OECD’s figures, for December 2015, follow data released by the ITU last month showing New Zealand in number two position for M2M services. However, as Computerworld’s report noted, there is presently no consistent way in which M2M data is reported.

Overall, the OECD said mobile broadband penetration among the 35 member nations was at 90.3 percent at December 2015, up from 81.6 percent from December 2014.

“Japan has overtaken Finland as broadband leader, with a penetration rate of 138.8 percent versus 135.4 percent in Finland,” the OECD said. “The United States has moved up to fourth from eighth place in the ranking, reflecting a growing demand for video and data in general and increasingly competitive offers.”Overall mobile broadband penetration in New Zealand was 108 percent.

“Nine countries (Japan, Finland, Sweden, United States, Denmark, Australia, Estonia, New Zealand and Korea (in descending order of mobile subscriptions per head) now lie above the 100 percent penetration threshold, up from eight countries a year ago,” the OECD said.


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