This Kiwi-developed gaming device will make your head spin – literally

Wellington-based startup Eight360 has launched what it describes as "a unique motion simulator platform" for gamers.

That's something of a misnomer. The device, named Nova does not simulate motion: it moves you. You sit in it and it spins you through 360 degrees of rotation on any axis.

Eigth360 says Nova is able to simulate the wide range of forces that would be in a real aircraft or other vehicle. "So whether you’re doing a barrel roll in a jet fighter or going through-the-loop on a roller-coaster, the full range of motion brings a whole new level of realness to the ride."

Nova already integrates with a number of PC based games and simulators, including DCS:World, X-Plane and NoLimits2 – Roller Coaster simulator, Eight360 says.

You can see Nova in action in this YouTube video. Eight360 says it is now building the first commercial Nova units and plans an unveiling in the next few months.

Eight360 is based in Wellington startup incubator Creative HQ. Eight360 founder Terry Miller says he wants to inspire other young inventors to go out and create something.

"Starting is always the hardest part but it's also exciting, you never know where you’ll end up."

He describes Nova as "basically a garage project that got out of hand."

Interested parties (and those with strong stomachs) are invited to contact the company for a demonstration ride in the device.

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